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Material Tools - Creating an Intuitive User Friendly Interface

Mirza Keserović
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2009. 107 s.
[Examensarbete på avancerad nivå]

Conclusions Because of the fact that the initial requirements for the design of the EON Visualizer – Material Tools delivered by EON Reality have been mainly concerned with the applications functional characteristics, it was imperative to generate a number of usability requirements by evaluation of similar 3D modeling software. An analysis of an observation in the software evaluation phase established that the modern 3D modeling applications tend to overwhelm the users with the complexity of the tools and poorly structured GUI layout. The workflows of the tools are often vague and the executed functions often fail to deliver a usable feedback to the user. The direct result is unusable and inaccessible tools from a novice user point of view. From these observations it has been possible to generate a number of usability requirements (noted at the end of the Pre-Study chapter) that would insure an easy access to the designed tools and give a good usability performance of the designed tools. These requirements (guidelines) have been used for design of the prototypes and quantifying of evaluation results. A large number of non-functional prototypes have been produced and three non-functional prototypes have been tested internally and on the test users outside the company. At the end of the last design iteration, the five large user tests have been arranged. The tests gave the satisfying results and showed that all usability and functionality requirements have satisfied. However the tests also uncovered a number of minor design flows in the last iteration cycle and showed that there was still a room for improvement of the tool. All the issues have been noted in the Final Prototype Evaluation chapter. The issues have been discussed and a number of solutions have been proposed.

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